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Dogosterone™ Therapy is a skilled treatment method that involves the injection of testosterone to increase your pet’s ability to get up and around.  It was developed by Dr. David Bieber after his Chocolate Lab, Bruno, became paralyzed in his hind legs due to a lower back disc herniation.  As a hormone, testosterone maintains both muscle mass and bone density, but dogs that have been neutered or spayed have absolutely none. Before treatment begins, a full evaluation of the pet is completed to determine if your pet is a candidate

What Is Dogosterone

Which dogs are candidates for Dogosterone Therapy? 

·      Dog has been neutered or spayed.
·      Dogs that benefit the most from Dogosterone, exhibit or suffer from:

·      Having a hard time getting up from a lying position

·      Muscle atrophy
·      Hip dysplasia
·      Knuckling
·      Arthritis

·      Intravertebral Disc Disease

·      Degenerative Joint Disease

Practice Benefits

Dogosterone Therapy could potentially benefit the quality of life of all dogs that are Either spayed neutered; which makes upas much as 25% of all canines in the U.S. This therapy has great implications for the patient and the owners; as it has been proven to add Happy and healthy years to the canine’s lifespan.

Dr. Bieber has already positively impacted the lives of over 140 canines to date, in only one veterinary practice. If this therapy was offered by every veterinary practice, the positive impact on the lives of canines would be immeasurable!

  • 95% success rate with no side effects.

  • Dogosterone Therapy does not result in any increased aggression, malignancies or cardiac issues

  • Approved by AAVSB RACE for 1.25 CE credits

  • Become the first Dogosterone Certified veternarian in your city.

  • Increase practice profitability using a safe and state of the art protocol.

  • Receive print and digital marketing support and collateral material promoting your practice as Dogosterone Certified.

  • Have you and your practice listed on as a Certified veterinarian in Dogosterone therapy.

  • Have access to confer directly with Dr. Bieber by phone during the first two years after certification.

Practice Benefits ($)

Why is this relevant to veterinarians?


Dogosterone Therapy can only be administered by licensed Veterinarians, so the profits stay in your clinic.


Veterinarian hospitals and clinics are losing a significant percentage of their profits to online pharmacies, veterinary clinics in big name department stores, and all of the pet online retailers. The days of selling flea + tick and heartworm preventatives, food and medications are over.


Dogosterone Therapy is a safe, effective and new revenue stream for your practice.

Dr Bieber

Meet Dr. Bieber

Dr. David Bieber attended Syracuse University, where, after just two years, he was accepted to and later graduated from the University of Pisa veterinary school in Italy. While in Europe, Dr. Bieber worked with other veterinarians in Holland, Italy and Scotland for five years.

Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Bieber did internships at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and the renowned Animal Medical Center in New York City.  He relocated to South Florida and worked for two years in veterinary emergency medicine and surgery.

In 1989, Dr. Bieber opened Sheridan West Animal Clinic, specializing in treating dogs, cats, reptiles and pocket pets.  Since 2009, Dr. Bieber has focused his practice on rehabilitation for canines and felines. This includes platelet-rich-plasma therapy (PRP), stem cell therapy, Class IV Laser Therapy, pain management, and of course . . . Dogosterone™ Therapy!

Patient Benefits



Licensed veterinarians can get certified in Dogosterone Therapy online. 

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